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    Applications in Beauty & Personal Care

    Applications in Beauty & Personal Care

    Beauty & personal care innovations

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    Innovative ingredients drive product development

    Throughout our extensive portfolio, personal care formulators can find the right ingredient solutions for the following beauty and personal care market segments:

    • Skin care is evolving to address consumers’ specific needs for healthier skin, including research and technological advancements have led to product innovations for various skin types. Are your customers seeking vitamin fortification, hydration, anti-aging, or plant-based skin care solutions? Explore our expansive selection of ingredients for skin care products.
    • Sun care is experiencing continuous demand for effective, sustainable, and reef-safe sun protection products. Univar Solutions has one of the most comprehensive personal care ingredient portfolios in the industry and proudly offers a range of organic UVA and UVB filters, emollients, and naturally derived extract ingredients to make your sunscreen formulations successful.
    • Hair care continues thriving. There is an increased focus on natural and sustainable products that deliver high-quality results without sacrificing performance. Hair care is also seeing a rise in demand for personalized solutions tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. Whether formulating products for hair conditioning, damaged hair repair, or adding voluminous locks,
      choose from some of the most in-demand hair care ingredients industrywide.
    • Rinse off is all about reducing complications. Conscientious consumers desire more natural, simpler formulas with fewer ingredients (perceived as gentler on the scalp, hair, and skin) and eco-friendly, more sustainable products with lower environmental impacts. The ethos of rinse-off formulations focuses on transparent, traceable ingredients, minimalistic labels to inspire consumer confidence in a product's content, and biodegradability for peace of mind.
    • Color cosmetics consumers prioritize using natural and organic ingredients in their daily beauty and personal care routines. To meet these market trends, brands continue to explore and develop ingredients that provide eco-friendly, vibrant, and unique colors in their performance pigment formulations. Discover cosmetic ingredient highlights from our portfolio.

    Choosing the right ingredients for personal care and beauty products minimizes their ecological impacts on the planet. For decades, the beauty industry has been a leader in using renewable, upcycled, and ethically sourced ingredients to reduce its carbon footprint.

    The benefits of sustainable beauty product formulation

    Sustainable beauty and personal care ingredients are crucial to the industry as they promote ethical sourcing, upcycled ingredients, and carbon-conscious manufacturing processes. Beauty brands and manufacturers can significantly decrease plastic waste usage by using recycled materials and adopting refillable packaging. Minimizing water and energy consumption during production can create a more sustainable supply chain for beauty ingredients.

    Consumer interest in where their products come from has put ethical sourcing for ingredients at the forefront of beauty and personal care formulations. By working with local communities to harvest natural ingredients, supporting efforts to combat climate change, and promoting biodiversity conservation, brands can help to ensure the well-being of their workers and ecosystems. Beauty producers who uphold these practices can then authentically connect with their customers.

    By embracing eco-conscious beauty and personal care ingredients through our global Solution Centers and brand development services, producers can meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable products while contributing to a more sustainable future for the beauty industry and the planet’s well-being.

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    Sustainability in Beauty & Personal Care

    At Univar Solutions, our team of knowledgeable in-house scientists refreshes formulas to enhance the efficacy of products while working toward our vision for a better world. By incorporating sustainability into our operating strategies and processes , we can help formulators, brands, and suppliers find the best environmentally conscious solutions for their customers.

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